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Welcome to Holy Bake

Made with love, it's heavenly tasty

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Holy Bake
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Our Story

Our Story

Holy Bake was founded in Hong Kong since April 2021 by two dedicated and passionate young women who knew each other in a local church. Putting their hands together, they aim to create the best artisan pastries, serving only the best to customers.

Our chef balance tradition and a contemporary approach using only the premium natural ingredients. Our scones are made with 0% preservatives and 100% love.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We named ourselves HOLY Bake:

H stands for Happy

O stands for Original

L stands for Love

Y stands for Yummy

We want all of you to be HAPPY tasting our ORIGINAL handmade YUMMY scones made with LOVE!

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Holy Bake is passionate about supporting local community #homekong.

30% of our profits will be donated to charities that focus on local vulnerable groups. We opt to care for the need of the local underprivileged families and to donate food to those in need each week.

We have been trying to get in touch with the following charities:

- Advance Children Medical and Education Foundation

- Runners’ Foods

- Christian Concern For The Homeless Association

- ImpactHK

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